Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lessons from Lewis

I’m writing this from my 8 hour a day C.S. Lewis class. It is an excellent class, but there are moments where I understand what he is saying and just can’t bring myself to pay attention, so here I am trying to process all of the information I have taken in over the past 2 days. The part I am intent on sharing with you is that of the life and person of C.S. Lewis. Maybe people know something of the life or theology of Lewis, but few that I have come into contact with realize the extent to which he was honest with his convictions. Lewis was convicted by the truth of God, and this conviction led him to do what he did to his utmost. When he reasoned, he reasoned with all his might. When we wrote, he wrote well. When he prayed, which he did at least twice a day, he would not do so with a clouded mind. He would not wait until just before bed, rather he would pray when he awoke in the morning and when he had finished dinner and his mind was still fresh so that he might pray as effectively as he could. As simple as that is, I find myself convicted by the little things of Lewis’ life. He gave away the majority of his income, he prayed like one who believed in its power, he fasted and strove to do as he ought, and he was honest with his struggles and with the truth of a matter and was more than willing to say what he believed regardless if it was accepted or if he was hated for it. These are all things we say we do but few of us can say we do it as honestly as Lewis. He actually did what he said he would do. That kind of integrity is astounding. I can only pray that I might have the same integrity. I pray that you would pray a similar prayer.