Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Myself

Do you ever feel like you're the sweetest thing since ice cream? Or that no matter what someone else tells you, you're right? I'm sorry to say that I actually have those thoughts sometimes. Take today for example. My dad was playing tennis with me, and, since I'm not very good, he was giving me some instructions on how to serve, why my backhand goes all screwy, and other such helpful hints. Yet, even in the midst of my failures I found myself thinking... "I know how to do this, I don't need your direction, just let me get the hang of it my own way." Now, when I did give his instruction a chance, of course it worked. Maybe this isn't such a big deal in the realm of amateur tennis, but I worry that I do the same thing when it comes to the gospel or the Bible or my relationship with Jesus Christ. I feel like when I listen to a sermon I tend to tell myself, "yeah, I do that, this isn't for me." Do I let myself think I know what is best, when the truth that I am a failure doing things my way is staring me right in the face? Proverbs 14:12 AND 15:25 both say:

There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

Word for word. Anything that the Bible takes time to say twice is something I should listen to. 15:25 says "The LORD tears down the proud man's house, but he keeps the widow's boundaries intact." Days like today make me wonder what the LORD is doing with my house. Am I tearing down the good in my life by the way I am, and am I going to reap the rewards of my pride soon enough? I hope this post is the first step to achieving widowesk *yes that is now a word meaning widow-like* humility. Pray for me, if you'd like. A man can never be too humble, and can never have too much prayer.

Stay thirsty my friends, thirsty for the truth.

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