Thursday, August 26, 2010

Waiting to be Waiting

I thought that title was kinda witty, considering I'm at a job interview. It would be even wittier if I was interviewing at a restaurant rather than Barns and Noble, but I'll take the wittiness I can get. Brad is interviewing right now. I hope one of us gets the job, we're both really poor. I would like working here I think. I love books and coffee and people and music... what more could a guy ask for? I had my first Greek and Hebrew class today... well right now I've only had Hebrew, and Greek is later (along with preaching), but let's pretend I've had both. It is an interesting feeling when you're learning a new language. I love that Hebrew is still spoken. Knowing that next time I go to Israel I might be able to communicate with the Israeli population is intoxicating. Honestly, as intoxicated as I may be, I am terrified to start this semester. With trying to find a job, then working, and 16 hours of Grad classes, and a girlfriend 4 hours away... I'm afraid I won't be able to juggle everything (with a 3.5 to maintain). I've heard that a lot of my teachers don't even give out A's. How do I maintain a 3.5 without any A's? Yikes. But I know God brought me here and has provided for me thus far and if I trust in Him He will continue to provide. Speaking of provision, everyone should give
money to help her get to the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute. Seriously, its a good cause, and does provide. Thats all. Stay sweet kids.

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