Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Do Lists

I feel like whenever I make a list I feel better, even if I know I won't get everything on it done as quickly as I think I will. Here is my to do list for tomorrow:

1) Read 60 pages in my huge counseling book
2) Translate and parse Col. 1:1-4
3) Read a section in Fee's book on Exegesis
4) Read 40 pages in Greenlee's book on Textual Criticism
5) Memorize Greek vocab occuring 81 or more times in the New Testament
6) Memorize the first set of vocab for Hebrew and learn vowel rules
7) Read the book Dying to Preach (about a 100 pages left)
8) Do Hebrew workbook exercises

Thats all. It feels kinda overwhelming on the page... but it felt even more overwhelming in my head. I know God has called me to be here, but I'm really good at psyching myself out. I get so overwhelmed with homework that I just want to get it all done and never hang out with anyone so I can get the pressure off my shoulders. It's crazy. And this week I got a job at Caribou, so I get to add that to the list, and I might pick up another 5 hours by working on campus writing emails much like this blog post. I tend to over stack my hand so that the cards start to fall on the table. But God is good. I have to remember that. Regardless how much I feel that I fail here or how much I try to take on, as long as I am listening to Him and obeying his voice and seeking Him, it will turn out for His glory, and that is what counts. Now if only I could stop trying to squeeze time with Him in and start squeezing some other things. Yikes. Pray for me dear readers. I know I'm okay, but I know I'll be stressed all semester like it or not. God willing, I'll graduate without popping too many blood vessels due to stress :).

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  1. Even though I'm still stressed out, it helps to know that I'm not the only one that's busy. And I know God wants us to succeed so He will bring us all through this. Keep fighting, old friend. :)

    -Christopher Birnbaum