Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Am I the only one who has days sometimes where I just don't want to be doing what I am doing? Where I don't wanna be at work, I don't wanna be working out, I don't wanna be doing anything that I am currently doing and the only things I might want to do (like seeing my girlfriend or eating a cake) I can't do because neither are close to where I am sitting in my windowless office in front of my boring laptop with papers all over my desk! Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Its not even that I'm having a terrible day (although I am planning on taking my car to inspection which it will certainly fail, and that makes any day bad), its just one of those days. I can't find my headphones, the internet is slow, work is work and not exciting and I feel like all the work I have is at that stage before its done where any progress slows down to an utter and complete crawl. My parents are yelling at me for house sitting the last two weeks I'm home, its hot out, my check engine light is on, my fingernails need cutting, I'm in debt, I'm white and can't jump... need I complain about anything else, because I can do this all day sister.

Sigh. I wonder if Jesus ever had one of those days. I wouldn't be surprised if Gethsemane was one of those days. But I wonder if he had a day that wasn't really terrible but wasn't really good and turned out terrible. I wonder if John 6 was one of those days. Oh you know what I'm talking about, the story where Jesus feeds the 5000 then walks on water and the crowds are all like "woah he just fed us then disappeared, lets follow him!!!" and they do and are all like "woah rabbi where'd you go how'd you get here" and Jesus isn't buying it for a second. He goes all teacher on them and says "you didn't come here because of the miracles did you, you came because I fed you with a few loves and fish." I wouldn't be surprised if he was thinking "you didn't come because you saw miracles, and in that case you definitely didn't come because of what I said... gosh what do I have to say or do to get these people to understand who I am?!?" I think that would count as one of those days for me, but it gets worse. Jesus is in no mood to tell these people what they want to hear, so he diminishes their greatest hero Moses by saying it wasn't him it was God who gave manna (which is true, but they don't wanna hear that), and then he basically says he's greater than Moses and that HE is the true bread, and HE came down from heaven, and they have to eat HIS flesh and drink HIS blood to go to heaven an live forever. Well... you can imagine the crowd didn't wanna hear that. What is their response? Grumble Grumble Grumble. "We know your parents dude you didn't come from no heaven." "This teaching is too crazy, we're outta here if you ain't gunna feed us." So Jesus, who by now is definitely having one of those days, looks at Peter and his disciples and says "you guys gunna leave me too?" And Peter, doing his best to redeem the situation, sticks up for him saying "where would we go, you have the words of eternal life," which in my mind I would have translated "we got no where else to go man, you're stuck with us..." but maybe he meant the second half more than the first. Either way Jesus says, "yeah you are my 12, my boys, but one of you is a devil" because he knows Judas is going to betray him and he is just not in the mood to sugar coat anything.

So. That being said, I guess I can say that if Jesus can have one of those days so can I... but what does he do afterwards? Well his brothers go on telling him to show some miracles to more people, since they don't even believe in him, but he holds it together and does what he has to until he goes to teach at a feast in jerusalem. He gets up in front of everyone and teaches, again not holding back on the teachers of the law, the people that should be teaching the rest of the people so that they can be ready and acceptant for his message. He doesn't hide what hey thinks of them, but in all that he stays in control and keeps doing his job, his mission, what he has to. If he can go through all that and keep pluggin away with only 12 guys out of like 400,000 backing him, one of which wants to betray him, I think I can make it through today. But I might ask for his help first, just to be safe.

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